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Posted by Maggie on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 11:08am.

Can someone please check my answers? :)
1. What was the greatest threat to a slave family’s stability? (1 point)
the birth of a new baby
an increase in cotton production ***
a marriage in the slaveholder’s family
the slaveholder’s acquisition of new slaves
2. Which of the following best describes the connection between the South Carolina economy and slavery? (1 point)
Southerners built their livelihood around plantations and cotton.***
South Carolina lacked a workforce to complete all tasks found on a plantation.
Plantation owners did not have the money to pay full-time employees.
The growth of industry in the South required additional workers.
3. What happened as a result of the slave uprisings? (1 point)
A large number of slaves got their freedom.
A large number of people who were against slavery became less vocal.
The leaders of the slave uprisings became important and powerful political figures.
The number of slaves who were permitted to immigrate into the United States was reduced.***
4. What type of work did a slave typically not perform? (1 point)
harvesting cotton
preparing cotton
teaching reading***
clearing land

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