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An explorer in the dense jungles of equatorial Africa leaves his hut. He takes 41 steps at an angle 45∘ north of east, then 81 steps at an angle 60∘ north of west, then 49 steps due south. Assume his steps all have equal length. Save him from becoming hopelessly lost in the jungle by giving him the displacement, calculated using the method of components, that will return him to his hut.

What is the direction of the displacement that will return the explorer to its hut? degrees EAST OF SOUTH
I got the displacement =51 steps.
I keep getting 75 degrees for the angle but it is south of east and I need the answer to be east of south.

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    North: 41sin45+81sin60+49(-1)

    check that. then do the East the same way. Notice on the N of West, that will be a negative east.

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