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1.Which type of eclipse would you expect to see if the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun?
-a solar eclipse
-a lunar eclipse
-a total lunar eclipse
-a penumbra

2.Which of the following statements about a lunar eclipse is true?
-A lunar eclipse can occur when the moon is in any phase
-A lunar eclipse can only occur when there is a full moon
-Lunar eclipses occur in a matter of minutes
-Lunar eclipses create an eerie color in the sky

3.Which of the following happens during a lunar eclipse?
-the moon lies between Earth and the sun
-earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon's surface
-the moon blocks out the sun
-the moon goes into the new moon phase

4.When does a solar eclipse occur?
-when an object in space comes close to earth's orbit
-when an object in space gets too close to the sun
-when an object in space comes between two planets
-when an object in space comes between the sun and earth

5.Which type of eclipse would be occurring if the moon is in Earth's umbra,or it shadow?
-a full moon
-a solar eclipse
-a total lunar eclipse
-a first quarter moon

6.In the early 1600s when Galileo used a telescope to study the moon,which features did he observe?
-nothing but vast,smooth areas
-wide,dark areas and strange spots and ridges
-a very large crater
-evidence of other life forms

7.In which of the following phases of the moon are you able to see the most surface area?
-new moon
-waxing crescent
-waxing gibbous
-waning crescent

8.During which phase is the least percentage of the light that hits the moon visible from Earth
-new moon
-waxing gibbous
-waning crescent
-full moon

9.Why is it summer in the Southern Hemisphere when it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere?
-because the Northern Hemisphere has more direct sunlight
-because the Southern Hemisphere has more direct sunlight
-because the Southern Hemisphere is closer to the equator
-because the Southern Hemisphere receives indirect sunlight

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