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When a water gun is fired while being held horizontally at a height of 1.14 m above ground level, the water travels a horizontal distance of 4.50 m. A child, holding the same gun in a horizontal position, slides down a 34.0◦ incline at a con- stant speed of 1.98 m/s. The child fires the gun when it is 3.25 m above the ground and the water takes 0.708 s to reach the ground. How far will the water travel horizontally

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    it takes 0.116 seconds for the water to fall 1.14 meters. So, the horizontal speed of the water is 38.68m/s

    the sliding child's horizontal speed is 1.98 cos 34.0° = 1.64 m/s. Add that to the 38.68m/s produced by the gun, and the water's horizontal speed is thus 40.32 m/s.

    The water travels 40.32 * 0.708 = 28.55 meters.

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    Rats. It takes 0.482 seconds to fall 1.14 meters.

    Adjust the horizontal speed accordingly.

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