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Math Check 2 ?s quick

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The angle of elevation to the top of a 20-story skyscraper is measured to be 10 from a point on the ground 1,500 feet from the building. Find the height of the skyscraper in feet, correct to three decimal places.
(Points : 5)



264.49 <--

Let f(x) = sin-1x. Then the domain of f(x) is [-1,1] and the range is all real numbers.
(Points : 5)

False <--

  • Math Check 2 ?s quick -

    first question is correct

    #2 should be true.
    sin^-1 (x) means find the angle Ø so that sinØ = x
    since the result of taking the sine is always a number between -1 and +1
    then for sin^-2 (x) , your choice of x has to be -1 ≤ x ≤ 1

    e.g try taking sin^-1 (1.4) on your calculator
    that is

    you should get an "error" result

  • Math Check 2 ?s quick -

    Thank you so much!

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