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A pendulum of mass m= 0.9 kg and length l=1 m is hanging from the ceiling. The massless string of the pendulum is attached at point P. The bob of the pendulum is a uniform shell (very thin hollow sphere) of radius r=0.4 m, and the length l of the pendulum is measured from the center of the bob. A spring with spring constant k= 12 N/m is attached to the bob (center). The spring is relaxed when the bob is at its lowest point (θ=0). In this problem, we can use the small-angle approximation sinθ≃θ and cosθ≃1. Note that the direction of the spring force on the pendulum is horizontal to a very good approximation for small angles θ. (See figure)

Take g= 10 m/s2

(a) Calculate the magnitude of the net torque on the pendulum with respect to the point P when θ=5∘. (magnitude; in Nm)


(b) What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration α=θ¨ of the pendulum when θ=5∘? (magnitude; in radians/s2)


(c) What is the period of oscillation T of the pendulum? (in seconds)


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