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Homework Help: PHYSICS(HELP)

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 5:54am.

A small block of mass m=1 kg glides down (without friction) a circular track of radius R=2 m, starting from rest at height R. At the bottom of the track it hits a massless relaxed spring with spring constant k= 11 N/m, which starts to be compressed as the block continues to move horizontally. Note that we assume no energy loss during this “collision". There is friction between the block and the horizontal surface, and it is not uniform. As a function of distance, the friction coefficient varies like μ(x)=αx, with α= 1.0 m−1. Assume for simplicity that static and dynamic friction coefficients are the same, and use g=10 m/s2. (See figure)

(a) What is the maximal distance x1 that the block moves horizontally away from the track at x=0? (in meters)


(b) What time t1 does it take for the block to travel between x=0 (relaxed spring) and x=x1 (block at first stop)? (in seconds)


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