January 26, 2015

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Posted by Ashley mccgarvey on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 5:33pm.

1.) Which of the following is the best strategy for studying test?

a) Sitting alone in a chair in a quiet room, looking over your textbook.
b) Working in pairs and exchanging practice questions.
c) Developing a personal method that is right for you and your learning style.
d) Writing a paragraph describing what you remember about the material.

2.) If a friend needed help creating a personal study strategy and had never thought about it before, which of the following would be a good place to start?

a) Look over a list of common study habits, and see whether he or she currently practices them or not.
b) Tell him or her your study method so that he or she can adopt the same one.
c) Go to beginning of the textbook, and reread it word for word.
d) Find a group of people to study with, since group studying is the only way to study well.

3.) Which of the following is a good way to choose your location as you develop your study method?

a) Going where most of your friends like to study
b) Going where you study the best, making sure it is comfortable and not too noisy
c) Going to study in your bedroom
d) Going to study in a different spot each time for variety.

Can anyone check my answers??
1. B
2. D
3. B

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