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Literature Essay (Ms. Sue and/or Writeacher)

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What do you think about my first body paragraph?

Write an essay in what ways today people are more fearful than people in past generations. You may use examples from real life, the selection you just read, books, movies, music, or television.

"I feel as though there is a far greater number of people today who are more fearful than those of past generations due to many different reasons. Such reasons can be drawn from any source of this present day imaginable, such as daily news reports, newspaper, online articles, etc. I mean, who hasn't feared for the safety of their children when they are informed of the local school lock-down that has been recently reported upon television? Or, perhaps, for the well-being of a loved one when he or she has been diagnosed with a live-threatening disease that has only recently been discovered? Who hasn't experienced the small fears that today's daily life can bring about? The answer is no one. Because, even though people of the past feared for seemingly countless reasons, people fear now for more. These are some examples of them."

  • Literature Essay (Ms. Sue and/or Writeacher) - ,

    This is extremely wordy. Cut out all the unnecessary (repetitive) words, revise, and repost.

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