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1. a fully loaded rocket has a mass of 2.92x10^6kg. It's engines has a thrust of 3.34x10^7N

a)what is the downward force of gravity of the rocket at blast off?

b)what is the unbalanced force on the rocket at blast off?

c)what is the accleration of the rocket as it leaves the launching pad?

d) as the rocket travels upwards, the engine thrust remains constant but the mass of the rocket decreases. Why? (is it because the fuel is being burnt?)

e)does the acceleration of the rocket increase, decrease or remain the same as the engines continue to fire?

2. a)using Newtons laws, explain how snow tires are different from all-season radials
b)propose another use for snow tire technology

  • physics-forces - ,

    m g = 2.92*10^6 * 9.81

    F = Thrust - m g

    F= m a
    a = (Thrust-m g)/ m

    The rocket is losing mass of both fuel and the oxidizer for the fuel (O2 in tanks sometimes)

    a = Thrust/m - mg/m = Thrust/m - g
    if thrust is constant and m decreases, a increases

    2) increase friction force, particularly if studded snow tires.

    winter hiking boots?

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