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The area of a cylinder is 956m3. If the circular top is halved, what is the new volume?

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    Your question is rather vague.
    When you say that the circular top is halved, are you taking half of the diameter or half of the area ?

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    The radius is halved

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    (same as diameter halved, anyway ....)

    radius r, height h
    surface area = 2πrh + 2πr^2
    = 956

    πrh + πr^2 = 478
    h = (478-πr^2)/(πr)

    for new cylinder, height = h, radius = r/2

    volume = π(r^2/4)(478-πr^2)/(πr)
    = (478r - πr^3)/4

    so the relationship depends on the value of r

    Are you sure the area was 956 and not the volume?
    then the volume would simply be 1/4 of the original, or 239 m^3

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