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How can I make various concentrations of CuSO4?

I know that to make 0.1M you would fill the copper solution up to 10mL in the graduated cylinder and then add water to the rest..but how can you prepare a 0.01M? 0.001? 0.0001?..........using water and graduated cylinder?

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    I am no chemist but as far as I know copper sulphate is a solid.
    If it is in pure solid form and not as a hydrate we can figure out how many grams in a mole
    Cu = 63.5
    S = 32
    4O = 4*16 = 64
    total = 159.5 g/mol
    so if I put 159.5 grams of it in a liter of water (and it dissolved) I would have 1 M
    If I put 15.95 grams in a liter I would have .1 M
    If I put 1.595 grams in, I would have .01 M etc

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