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which of the following is a quantitative property of minerals ?

a) cleavage
b) hardness
c) luster
d) streak

which of the following is not a characteristics of minerals ?

a) occur in gaseous and liquid state
b) formed by inorganic processes
c) naturally occurring
d) definite chemical composiiton

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    You can measure hardness and assign numbers to it

    I suppose if it got hot enough we could get granite gas or liquid, but it is extremely unlikely.

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    Hope this helps people that are viewing this now.
    1. D. Luster.
    2. B. Hardness.
    3. C. Talc, Calcite, Feldspar, Diamond.
    4. A. Occur in gaseous and liquid state.
    This is for a the four question quick check, so if your test is different, these answers might be wrong for you. Especially if you don't go to Conexus.

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    4/4 100%

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