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1. The ability to perform a movement within a short period of time is known as (1 point)
reaction time

2. In order to do a backflip in the middle of his hip-hop dance routine, Terrance has to generate enough force for the full rotation to occur. How can he increase the force needed to complete this advanced dance move?
(1 point)
change his center of gravity from side to side
change his center of gravity from low to high
keep his center of gravity as high as possible
keep his center of gravity as low as possible

3. Sarah is being chased down on the base paths during her softball game. What sport skill is she using most often as she goes back and forth trying to avoid being tagged by the fielders?
(1 point)

4. Nikita and his uncle are exercising at a fitness trail in the local park. As they make their way around the trail, one of the stations has a combination chin-up/pull-up bar. Nikita and his uncle decide to stop and do 8 and 12 pull-ups each. They are working on which health-related fitness component?
(1 point)
body mass index
muscular endurance
muscular strength

5. Keika attempted to lift the bag of dog food out of the trunk of her mother's car and was not able to do so. She used to help her mom with this chore by herself and was surprised that she needed to ask for help this time. Keika might be experiencing an inadequate level of which health-related fitness area? (1 point)
cardiovascular endurance
muscular strength

6. You and your dad are on a bike ride to improve your cardiovascular endurance and fitness. The two of you are easily having a long conversation as you pedal through the neighborhood. Based on this information you would determine
(1 point)
the bike pedaling is too intense
the bike pedaling is just right
the bike pedaling is not intense enough
none of the above are correct

7. A baseball coach is concerned that his best pitcher is giving up a lot of runs recently. The coach suspects that the batters might be figuring out which type of pitch he is about to throw. Select the best technology tool available to help provide feedback to the pitcher after an initial visual review of their pitching patterns by the coach. (1 point)
blood pressure monitor
heart rate monitor
pregame checklist
video camera analysis

8. Before starting any movement on a dance or gymnastics floor, participants should (1 point)
clear the area of any dangerous obstacles
have proper footwear for the activity
make sure to wear unrestrictive clothing
all of the above are correct

9. Square dancing is typically danced to which style of music? (1 point)

10. The first thing to do when using improvisation to create dance movements is to (1 point)
find music sections that repeat
make sure your movements flow
name the sections of your dance
all of the above are correct

11. Jose is an expert hip-hop dancer. He regularly has a crowd of students watching him as he spins, flips, balances on one arm, and twists in a remarkable demonstration of flexibility. What after-school activity might Jose best excel in based on his hip-hop skills? (1 point)

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