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14.If a forest ecosystem is removed through clear-cutting, many species of organisms that lived in that ecosystem disappear. Their loss is due to ________________________.
15.When fossil fuels are burned, they produce ________________, the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming trends.
16.By switching from fossil fuels to solar, wind, hydroelectric, and other renewable sources of energy, humans can ___________ the trends in biodiversity loss.
17.Depletion of the ____________ in the atmosphere has slowed because of an international ban on the manufacture of chemical compounds used in refrigerators and aerosol spray cans.
18.Fertilizers and pesticides applied to farm fields in Pennsylvania have made their way down into the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. This is an example of _________________ pollution.
19.Before beginning any land development project, people should carry out a(n) ___________________ analysis to consider all of the potential impacts of the project on the local ecosystems.
20.If changing conditions lead to decreased oxygen levels in the stream, the carrying capacity of the stream for the trout will decrease. Oxygen level in water is therefore a(n) _____________ with respect to the number of trout that a particular stream can support.
21.To conserve materials and energy, it is best to recycle as much solid waste as possible. Recycling slows the rate of waste going into ______________.
22.Disturbance of an ecosystem by human activity often has negative effects on the number of species, which is a measure of its __________________.

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