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The equation: T= 2* pi* sqrt(2/3L/9.8) Solve for L. Please show the solution step by step. The square root is giving me trouble in my solution. Thanks for your help.

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    If L is known:

    1. Plug-in the value of L.

    2. Simplify the quantity under the radical.

    3. Take the square root of the number
    under the radical.


    L = 19.6 m.
    Solve for T.

    T = 2pi*sqrt((2/3)*L/g)
    T = 6.28*sqrt((2/3)*19.6/9.8) =
    6.28*sqrt((2/3)*2) = 6.28*sqrt((4/3) =
    6.28 * 1.1547 = 7.25 s.

    Freq. = 1/T Hz.

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