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Posted by helen on Saturday, December 28, 2013 at 8:33pm.

Scientists are studying the population of a particular type of fish. The table below shows the data gathered over a five-month time period. Use the data to answer questions 5-9.
number of months number of fish
0 8
1 39
2 195
3 960
4 4,738
5 23,375

5. what does the scatterplot of the data show?
1. strong positive linear relationship
2. a strong negative linear relationship
3. a curve that represents exponential growth
4. a curve that reprents ecponential decay
I select number 3

6. Complete an exponential transformation on the y-values. What is the new value of y when x+5?

1. 4.3688
2. 3.6756
3. 0.6990
4. 3.3757
I select #3

7. Find the linear transformation Model
1. log y hat=0.6935logx + 0.9013
2. log y hat=0.9013x+0.6935
3. log y hat=0.6935x+0.9013
log y hat=0.9013logx+0.6935

8. Use the linear transformation model to predict the number of fish in 12 months.
this is where I need help.

9. A power model is shown below. Determine the residual for the observed data x=7 and y=70

log y hat=1.6+0.31log x
I select 4

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