March 29, 2015

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Posted by Nawaf on Saturday, December 28, 2013 at 6:03pm.

Practice Dividing by 9

History : 72
Art: 81
Science: 54
Travel: 63
Fiction: 90
Biography: 45
Poetry: 27
Cooking: 36

1/Raul might put an equal number of each kind of book on 9 shelves. How many types of books will have an even number on each shelf?

3 types of books..
History: 72 divide 9= 8
Science: 54 divide 9=6
Cooking: 36 divide 9= 4

2/How many books would Raul have to buy if he wanted to have 10 books on each self, no matter what the subject?
Answer: don't understand

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