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Practice Dividing by 6

Mary can fit 6 photographs on each page of her photo albums. The table below shows how many photos she look in each state while visiting the Great lakes. Use the table to solve each problem.
Great lake state photographs
State. Number of photographs
IIIinois. 54
Indiana. 36
Michigan. 42
Minnesota. 48
New York. 60
Ohio. 30
Pennsylvania. 18
Wisconsin. 24
1/How many pages will mary fill with the photographs she took in Pennsylvannia?

Answer: 18 divide 6=3

2/ Which state's photos will fill exactly 7 album pages?

Answer: don't understand..

3/ Which state's photos will fill twice as many pages as Ohio's will?

Answer: New York.

4/ How many states' photographs will fill an odd number of pages?

Answer: 3

5/ My photos will fill an even number of pages . They will fill fewer pages than indiana's photos will fill . What state am I?

Answer: Ohio..

6/ my photos will fill the same number of pages as the difference between Minnesota's photos and Ohio's photos. Which state am I?

Answer: New York

  • Math - ,

    2. One of the state numbers must be exactly divisible by 6 and have an answer of 7
    so (?) รท 6 = 7
    which number fits that ?

    the rest are correct

  • Math - ,

    4. How many states' photographs will fill an odd number of pages?

    Illinois 54 divided by 6 = 9
    Michigan 42 divided by 6 = 7
    Ohio 30 divided by 6 = 5
    Pennsylvania 18 divided by 6 = 3

    So the correct answer would be 4

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