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Find the equation of the perpendicular bisector of the line segment joining the points (1, 2) and (-2, 1)

Does it mean I have to find the line. Then find a line that cuts that line in to half because perpendicular bisector

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    just find the slope of the line: 1/3

    the perp has slope -3, so now we have a midpoint (-1/2,3/2) and a slope (-3), and our line is

    y - 3/2 = -3(x + 1/2)

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    So the equation is -3(x+1/2)?
    Like there's no Y= in it?

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    I gave you the equation. There's always a y. If you want it it slope-intercept form, which most people find comforting, that would be

    y = -3x


    and plot the two functions

    (x+5)/3 and -3x

    and you will see that the two lines intersect midway between the two given points

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