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A pilot, whose mass is 91.0 kg, makes a loop-the-loop in a fast jet. Assume that the jet maintains a constant speed of 125 m/s and that the radius of the loop-the-loop is 0.478 km. What is the apparent weight that the pilot feels (i.e., the force with which the pilot presses against the seat) at the bottom of the loop-the-loop?
What is the pilot's apparent weight at the top of the loop-the-loop?

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    Dan, Daniel, Lina, Anna, whoever ...

    Please pick one name and stay with it.

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    I think it is.
    and it's not one person, we study in a group.
    Thank You.

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    ApWeight = mg±mv²/R

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    I don't understand it, can you please explain it to me?.. Thanks

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    I got it!!!
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