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Posted by Joi on Sunday, December 22, 2013 at 5:20pm.

Raul did an inventory of all the books in collection by subject. He displayed his results in the table below . Use the table to solve to solve each problem.

Raul's book Collectio
Subject of book. Number of books

History. 72
Art 81
Science. 54
Travel. 63
Fiction. 90
Biography. 45
Poerty. 27
Cooking. 36

Q1/ Raul might place 9 history books on each shelf of one bookcase . How many shelves will be in that bookcase?
72 divide 9= 8

Q2/ raul has 9 empty shelves to hold his cookbooks . If he puts the same number of cookbooks on each shelf, how many will be on each shelf?
36 divide. 9=4

Q3/ Raul might put an equal number of each kind of book on 9 shelves. How many types of books will have an even number on each shelf?
Don't know

Q4/ Raul considered combining two of the subjects and placing 9 books on each shelf. It would take 7 shelves to do this . What were the two subjects?

Don't know .

Q5Raul fills 9 shelves with his travels, history, and biography books. Each shelf has the same number of each kind of book. How many books are on each shelf?

(1). 9 divide 3= 3
(2).180 divied 9=20
Which is true?

Q6/ how many books would Raul have to buy if he wanted to have 10 books on each shelf, no matter what the subject?
Don't know

Please,,, help me

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