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Homework Help: science(please check answers)

Posted by matt on Friday, December 20, 2013 at 10:56am.

1.which of the following were found to destroy ozone in the upper atmosphere?

A. sulfur oxides
B. cfcs(i pick this)
C. nitrogen oxides
D. carbon dioxide

2.which of the following sets of terms is associated with air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels?

A. acid rain,ozone hole,skin cancer
B. methane,smog,carbon dioxide(i pick this)
C. sulfur dioxide,smog,chlorofluorocarbons
D. carbon dioxide,smog,acid rain.

3.which of the following phrases decribes a proven method for dealing with the problem of air pollution?

A. laws and treaties that limit or ban pollutants(i pick this)
B. convincing people to accept pollution
C. voluntary reduction in the numbers of automobiles on the road.
D. decreased trade between countries

4.which of the following contributes to air pollution?

A. moving the lawn
B. watering the lawn
C. burning leaves and brush(i pick this)
D. sprinkling fertilizer around plants.

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