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Homework Help: *th Grade Language Arts Ms. Sue Help

Posted by Kraziekatt99 on Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 1:05pm.

simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex?

1. Yes, I have a bad case of the flu, and because I need to get well soon, I won’t think about returning to school just yet.

2. Because they have been preserved well over time, many ancient scrolls can be read by those who know Hebrew; included on the scrolls is the oldest spelling of "Jerusalem."
compound complex

3. However, when David came to conquer the city with his army, he discovered that the Jebusites got their drinking water from a spring just outside the city walls.
compound complex

4. The president is elected to a five-year term, yet most of his or her duties are ceremonial.

5. David's nephew, J was able to unlock the city gates at night when he swam through the tunnel.

6. When we visited the museum, we also marveled at documents containing historical accounts written thousands of years ago; the accounts are recorded on clay and stone.
compound complex

7. Eighteen-year olds can vote in Israel, but they must also serve in the armed forces.

8. Israeli men and women serve in the armed forces; however, men serve for one year more than women do.
compound complex

9. Tools and weapons that date back to before 500 BCE show great skill, and they serve as evidence that their makers were very talented.

I am pretty sure that almost all of my answer are wrong... if not all of them. Help?

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