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Posted by Anoymous on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 7:14pm.

Which of the following is an example of a commotion?
-a group of shoppers in an uproar about a popular item that was advertised but not available
-a group of napping toddlers at a daycare
-a group of students quietly reading in the library

2.Read the following passage from "The Medicine Bag.": But after they left,Mom said, "No more visitors for a while, Martin.Grandpa won't admit it, but his strength hasn't returned. He likes having company, but it tires hi,". That evening,Grandpa called me to his room before he went to sleep. "Tomorrow," he said, "when you come home, it will be time to give you the medicine bag."
What does the information in his passage help you to predict
-Grandpa is going to die soon.
-In Grandpa's eyes,Martin has become a man.
-Martin is embarrassed about receiving the bag.
-The family will turn away the visitors who arrive the next day.

3.Of the following things that Martin says or does, which best illustrates the theme of the story?
-Martin brings his friends home to meet his grandfather
-Martin goes to the reservation to replace the sacred sage.
-Martin is nervous about recieving the medicine bag.
-Martin never shows pictures of his grandfather to his friends.

4.Which elements of a story can help you predict early on what a story will be about?(Choose all that apply.)
-the author's names
-the title
-the tone of the first paragraph
-illustrations and captions

My answer's:
2.A OR B
3.B OR C
4.C & D

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