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1. Isolated points of electric charge are called ____.

4b. ____ was the American physicist who first measured this fundamental unit of charge.

5. This type of electrification occurs when the charging rod touches an electroscope.

6. This type of electrification requires that the charging rod NEVER touch a grounded electroscope.

8. An atom or object that is uncharged is ____.

12. A charged body of either sign will ____ a neutral body by inducing a charge of separation; that is, by temporarily polarizing the neutral body

15b. The electric field lines between unlike charges are ____ in shape.

16. The difference in voltage, or potential, between any two points in an electric field equals the ____ required to move a unit charge between those two positions.

17. ____ surfaces cross field lines at right angles and are calibrated in volts.

18a. The closer together the surfaces in question 17 are to each other, the _____ the electric field is at that location.

19a. A charge's electrical potential energy within an electric field is calculated as the product of the ____ of its position times the magnitude of its charge

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