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Posted by Sarah on Monday, December 16, 2013 at 9:32am.

In a typical Hawthorne world of moonbeams and shadows, the greatest pain for the Kinsman is not the tar and feathers, an extremely painful procedure, but making eye contact with the nephew to whom he had portrayed himself as a big shot. Most Americans have been taught to cheer for the mobs that brought down the British, but in this story, the mob “tramples on an old man’s heart.” Hawthorne doesn’t even try to say who was right, Patriot or Tory? Rather he shows the human tragedy of ordinary people caught up the forces of revolution.

In My Kinsman Major Molineau, Hawthorne

a)approves of the mob's actions

b)sees the mob as cruel and undiscriminating

c)sides with the Americans against the British

d)sides with the British against the Americans

Sorry. I am not understanding this passage to answer the question...:(

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