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Social studies

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8.  Which of these best shows a conflict between U.S. political ideals and political reality?

A. Americans believe in religious freedom, but most people in the United States are Christians.
B. Americans believe in equality, but women usually make less money than men do.
C. Americans believe in individual liberty, but many people have similar political opinions.
D. Americans believe in economic freedom, but only about three-quarters
of adults are in the workforce.

9.  Why does the U.S. Constitution most likely distribute power to three separate branches of government

A. Citizens only need to select government leaders for a few jobs instead of many.

B. Each branch of government can focus on doing a good job at just one job.

C. No one branch of government can have a great deal more power than the others.

D.The colonies had also relied on three branches of government to manage government.

10.   What is the main job of the U.S. executive branch?  

A. to enforce laws
B. to interpret laws
C. to repeal laws
D. to make laws

11. How does the rule of law protect citizens most?

A. It requires non-citizens to obey laws.
B. It ensures that trials follow standard procedures.
C. It keeps the government from unfairly enforcing laws.
D. It grants ultimate law-making authority to voters.

My Answers

8. A
9. B
10. A
11. C

  • Social studies -

    Are these correct cause if not I need help

  • Social studies -

    on 8, I suspect that is the answer your teacher wants you to regurgitate. Don't believe it. I guess it depends on what you think a Christian is... The facts on church attendence would indicate that Most People do not attend church, nor contribute to churches in the US.

    on nine, rethink what balance of power means. The constitution was designed to limit the power of the "king", and the power of "parliment".

    10 correct.
    On 11, I would think that D is the best answer

  • Social studies -

    so nine is D

  • Social studies -

    and is 8 C

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