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Early Childhood Education

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Karen asked, "Where does rain come from?" The best response for her teacher is:

A. "The clouds."

B. "I don't really know, Karen."

C. "How could we find out where rain comes from?"

D. "That's really hard to understand, Karen."

I think it's c

Mrs. Bates watched David work a puzzle that he had chosen from the ones she put on the table. She listened and commented when David made guesses at the correct location for the pieces. This is an example of a/an __________ activity.

A. structured

B. unstructured

C. child-initiated

D. child-centered
I think it's B

"If we put this ice cube out in the sun, what do you think will happen?" This is a/an __________ question.

A. explanation

B. divergent thinking

C. observation

D. convergent thinking

I think it's c

  • Early Childhood Education -

    I agree with your first answer but not the other two.

  • Early Childhood Education -

    so would the second one be A?

    and the 3 one B?

  • Early Childhood Education -

    Yes. Both are now right.

  • Early Childhood Education -

    Thank you so much Ms. Sue!

  • Early Childhood Education -

    You're welcome, Hayley.

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