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A very large loop of metal wire with radius 1 meter is driven with a linearly increasing current at a rate of 200 amps/second. A very small metal wire loop with radius 5 centimeter is positioned a small distance away with its center on the same axis (the loops are coaxial). The small loop experiences an induced emf of 983 nano-volts. What is the separation of the loops in meters?



    Multiple Choice:
    1. If a kestrel eats a mouse that eats grass, the kestrel is a (1 point)
    second-level consumer.
    first-level consumer.
    2. Which of the following best explains why a species of lizard is able to live in the desert but not in tundra regions? (1 point)
    High average air temperatures are critical to the lizard’s survival.
    A dry environment is critical to the lizard’s survival.
    A lot of light exposure is critical to the lizard’s survival.
    Low humidity is critical to the lizard’s survival.
    3. Which of the following land biomes is correctly matched to its characteristic abiotic factors? (1 point)
    boreal forest—hot, wet, humid
    grassland—dry, hot days, cold nights
    deciduous forest—moderate temperatures and rainfall
    desert—warm, wet, poor soil
    4. Which of the following factors is used to distinguish the two main aquatic biomes? (1 point)
    number of producers
    strength of water currents
    quantity of dissolved oxygen
    salt levels
    5. Which of the following might be expected to decrease the dispersal of a plant species over a region? (1 point)
    increased human tourist travel in the region
    increased strong wind patterns over the region
    increased drought cutting off water flow in streams throughout the region
    increased migration of animals
    6. Which of the following is true of adaptations? (1 point)
    All adaptations are physical characteristics.
    Individuals can acquire adaptations.
    Some adaptations can be learned.
    Adaptations are passed from one generation to the next.
    7. Why is photosynthesis important to the biosphere? (1 point)
    It reduces carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.
    It provides energy input into the biosphere.
    It provides a means for water to enter the biosphere.
    It balances the activities of decomposers.
    8. Which group within an ecosystem contains the most energy? (1 point)
    9. Which of the following concepts best explains why an island can support many beetles but few hawks? (1 point)
    the energy pyramid
    the carbon cycle
    the nitrogen cycle
    the food web
    10. Which abiotic factor might be expected to change in an oak forest ecosystem if a disease destroys all of the oak trees? (1 point)
    available sunlight
    gaseous nitrogen


    Sorry, as a teacher I'm opposed to giving you answers to homework questions because that's called helping you cheat.

    I will however help you figure out the answer. Question 1 is a logic question. don't read to much into it. if you still have problems figuring out what a first and 2nd level consumer is draw the action of a kestrel eating a mouse that's eating grass.

    After reading further I realize that all of these questions and answers are found in any basic Physics textbook. Actually, this seems like a take home test. I'm sorry but its against my ethics to go any further.

    In future, please provide your answers and then we can tell you if you're right or on the wrong path.

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