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Homework Help: Language arts help!!

Posted by josh on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 4:15pm.

Multiple Choice
1. Which of the following is a sentence fragment? (1 point)
He spent twenty dollars on those shoes.
How much did you spend on those shoes?
That much money on those shoes?
Twenty dollars is too much to spend.
2. How is an extinguished fire different from a raging one? (1 point)
An extinguished fire has been put out.
An extinguished fire has been burning for hours.
An extinguished fire has been started by chemicals.
An extinguished fire has been on the news.
3. Which of these is one of Thura’s internal conflicts? (1 point)
rationing water
dealing with the pollution
not wanting Assal to be afraid of the bombs
not being able to use the telephone
4. Read the following excerpt from Thura’s diary:
During the last few days there have been freak sandstorms here—it’s as though Mother Nature’s showing us how angry and hurt she is about the war. The weather’s been chopping and changing, and the air has been so thick with red dust from the desert that you can only see a few metres in front of you.

Based on the excerpt, which of the following could be considered an antagonist?

(1 point)
the war
bad weather

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