August 21, 2014

Homework Help: Algebra 1b!

Posted by Selena on Monday, December 9, 2013 at 3:40pm.

1. Find the excluded value of x for the polynomomial expression 4x/6
a. 6
b. -6
c. 1/6
d. -1/6

2. Simplifly 3-2x/7 + 4x+5/7
a. 2x+8/14
b. 2x+8/7 <---
c. x+1/7
d. 2x+2/7

3. Simplify 6ab^6/4a^7b^10 * a^3b^4/2a^7b^6
a. 7x/8 - 2x/8
b. -5x/8
c. 3a^2b^3/4a^7b^8
d. a^2b^5/2a^7b^8

4. Simplify 15x+3/27x-18 * 3x-2/5x+1
a. 7-2x/2x-18
b. 3
c. 7-2x/x-9
d. 5-15x/x+5 + 8x+8/x+5

5. 5x/x+9
a. -5x/x+9
b. 1
c. 8x/x-2 - 21x/x-2
d. 13x/x-2

7. 6a^8b^8/5a^6b^11 / 3a^4b^10/a^4b^4
a. 2a^2/5b^9
b. 2a^6b^4/5a^5b^7
c. 18a^6b^18/5a^5b^11
d. - 5/x-10

8. 11x/8-x
a. 3x/4-x + 10x/x-4
b. 7x/4-x
c. 7x/4-x
d. 13x/4-x

9. 4x-13/12x
a. 2x-1/6x +x+2/2x
c. 4x+3/6x
d. 3x+1/6x

10. Simplify using long division 11x/(x+8)(x-4)
a. 11/(x+8)(x-4)
b. 11x+16/(x+8)(x-4)
c. 11x+28/(x+8)(x-4)
d. 3/x+9 + 4/x-8
I need help really bad :(

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