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Posted by Nalmi on Sunday, December 8, 2013 at 1:18pm.

Hello. Thank you for answering my previous question. I would be very grateful for some more help.
1)In one of the sources I came across the phrase "the nobility was coopted from the military". Does "co-opted" here mean "drawn, incorporated from"? (the source is a transltion from Polish into English)
2)I'm still working with my report. Could you please say if the following is normal English:
a)Their debt rose from 13 million roubles to 23 million roubles. (Is it possible or necessary to omit "roubles" or "million" somewhere in the phrase?)
b)their position was ensured by hereditary property and, which is no less important, by political loyalty. (which word is correct in the phrase, which or what is no less important; and is the word order OK?)
c)they had to observe the rules,i.e. to? obey orders and to? ... (Do I need to use particles in this structure or is it possible to omit them?)
d)A landowner named Sanov had an estate with more than 30,000 roubles in official debt (is it IN or OF debt, maybe none?)
e)his creditors included 300 people and more than 10 companies and bandks that claimed his property which consisted of...
f)is it possible to say "taxable groups of the population", i.e. people who pay taxes.
g)the policy brought fast results in territorial gains (I mean they conquered large territories)
h)Do you think it's grammatically correct to complete the previous sentence in the following way "The policy brought fast results in territorial gains - a phenomenon which was researched in the works of..."
j)they built society on the foundation of the blood they shed together in battles against the enemy (do I need an article before the word "blood")

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