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Posted by Joi on Sunday, December 8, 2013 at 10:41am.

Write complete sentence if the statement is a complete sentence. Write not a sententce if the statement is not a complete sentence.
1/. The author thought of a story.
Complete sentence.

2/ Took place long ago.
Not sentence .

3/ Her first day at school.
Not sentence.

4/ She was a little bit afraid.
Complete sentence

5/ She sat next to a young boy.
Complete sentence.

Q2: write complete sentence if the statement is a complete sentence. If the statement is not a complete sentence, write the word or words to make it a complete sentence. Use correct capitalization.
1/ Were very friendly to her

2/ A lot to do there.

3/ She was glad to be in school.

4/ About her first day in school.

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