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math question grade 8!!

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shelby wants to paint the walls and ceiling of a rectangular room. (height:2.6cm, width:4.8cm, length:6.8cm)

type of paint size of paint can cost
wall paint 4L $24.95
1L $7.99

ceiling paint 4L $32.95

(one litre of paint covers 9.5 m)

a) what is the least amount of paint shelby can buy to paint the room (subtract 5m for the door and windows)

b) how much will the paint cost, including the amount of tax charged in your region?

  • math question grade 8!! -

    Please check the room measurements. You seem to have miscopied the problem.

  • math question grade 8!! -

    no they are right the height = 2.6m width = 4.8m length= 6.8 m

  • math question grade 8!! -

    Wow, those rooms are pretty small even for a doll-house.

  • math question grade 8!! -

    First off, when you check the measurements, at least read what you wrote before. You had them listed as cm, not m!

    so, there are 4 walls:
    2(4.8)(2.6) + 2(6.8)(2.6) = 60.32 m^2
    and the ceiling: (4.8)(6.8) = 32.64

    Subtract 5m^2 for the windows (presumably in the walls, not the ceiling; no mention was made of skylights) and we have

    walls: 55.32 m^2
    ceiling: 32.64 m^2

    Since a liter of paint covers 9 m^2 (not 9 m!), that means we have to buy

    6L of wall paint
    4L of ceiling paint

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