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Algebra 1

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You are designing a wall mural that will be composed of squares of different sizes. One of the requirements of your design is that the side length of each square is itself a perfect square.
1. If you represent the side length of a square as x^2, write an expression for the area of a mural square.
2. Find the area of a mural square when x=5
3. Find the area of a mural square when x=10

Can you explain what 1 would be?

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    1. Area of a square = (x^2)^2 = x^4
    (each side is x^2, area of a square = side^2
    so (x^2)(x^2) = x^4 )

    2. when x = 5
    area = 5^4 = 625
    3. when x = 10
    area = 10^4 = 10000

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    Thank you it helped :D

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