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1.Try to solve this problem without using a formula. Suppose a disease is transmitted from an individual to one other during the period of a week. Each of those two gives the disease to two more people in the second week, so that the total of newly infected people is now four. Each week the number of infected people double. If the spread of the disease continues, how many weeks will it take a city of 300,000 people to have all been infected?
Use the growth and decay formula to solve the following problem:
Zebra mussels from Europe began invading the Mississippi River in 1988. In 1997 a portion of the river contained an average of 10 zebra mussels per square mile. The exponential growth rate was 340% (k=3.4). Predict the number of mussels per square mile in this portion of the river in 2002 (five years later).

For number 1 I got 19 weeks?
number 2 I am not sure how to do this problem I just need some help with the formula.


  • Math :) -


  • Math :) -

    Im not sure what you mean by that??

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