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Huckleberry Finn
1) By Chapter 23, Jim has become the most morally upstanding character in the novel. What are some of the reasons Twain might have done this?

A)Twain was insinuating that racism is wrong by having the uneducated, unmannered, simple man turn out to be more genuine, loyal, and honest than the white men in the novel.

B)Twain was asserting that slaves could be valued and trusted as fellow human beings.

C)All of the other three answer choices are correct.

D)Twain wanted to reveal his personal beliefs about racial injustice.

I Chose C but im not sure if that is correct

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    I'd like to be able to go back in time and read Twain's mind, wouldn't you? We can't, of course, so we sometimes make the mistake of trying to think of Twain with our 21st century values instead of Twain's 19th century values. You would probably need to read many more of Twain's works to get close to understanding how he thought as he lived in HIS society then.

    Here's a very good essay about all this:
    Please read it. It doesn't take very long, but it should help you decide if C is correct or if it's one of the others.

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