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Math Probability *Repost*

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A certain state's lottery game, LOTTO, is set up so that each player pays $1 per ticket and chooses six different numbers between 1 and 20 inclusive. If the six numbers chosen match the six numbers drawn, the player wins the grand prize.

If a person buys one LOTTO ticket, what is his probability of winning the grand price?

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    As I stated in my previous reply to the same post ....

    Number of ways to draw 6 numbers from 20
    is C(20,6)
    = 20!/(6!14!)
    = 38760

    so prob(winner) = 1/38760

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    Okay, but I was wondering would you use the same method (combination) for this question

    If a person buys 1000 LOTTO tickets, what is his probability of winning the grand prize?

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    if the prob of winning by buying 1 ticket is 1/38760
    then the prob of winning with
    1000 tickets is
    = 1000(1/38760)
    = 25/969

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