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Simplify 2a^2 b^3 (4a^2 + 3ab -ab)
A.) 8a^4 b^5 + 3a^3 b^5 - 2a^3 b^4
B.) 8a^4 b^3 + 6a^3 b^5 - 2a^3 b^4
C.) 8a^4 b^3 + 6a^3 b^5 + 2a^3 b^4
D.) 8a^4 b^5 + 3a^3 b^5 + 2a^3 b^4

I'm guessing its A

  • Math -

    2a^2 b^3 (4a^2 + 3ab -ab)
    Distribute to each:
    2a^2 b^3 * 4a^2 = 8a^4 b^3
    2a^2 b^3 * 3ab = 6a^3 b^4
    2a^2 b^3 * (-ab) = -2a^3 b^4
    Adding them,
    8a^4 b^3 + 6a^3 b^4 -2a^3 b^4
    = 8a^4 b^3 + 4a^3 b^4

    Actually either there's no answer in the choices, or there is a typo. :3

  • TYPO -

    2a^2 b^3 (4a^2 + 3ab -ab)
    Nah, no b^5 term results
    Perhaps you mean

    2a^2 b^3 (4a^2 + 3ab^2 -ab)
    which is
    8 a^4 b^3 + 6 a^3 b^5 - 2 a^3 b^4
    which is B

  • Math -

    None of those b/c the 2nd b is b^4
    It is
    8a^4b^3 + 6a^3b^4 - 2^3b^4

  • Math -

    Thank you Damon the answer was B

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