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Homework Help: Health (Ms. Sue)

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, November 30, 2013 at 5:13pm.

1. What are two ways that society could deal with future concerns about genetic information?

A: ?

2. Identify how keeping person health records can help a person cope with hereditary diseases.

A: Keeping personal health records can help a person cope with hereditary diseases as, if this person kept a personal health record, he or she will be able to know of what types of hereditary diseases his or her relatives have experienced and which run in the family. This will also help him or her to know of what to talk to his or her doctor about, and of what to watch out for?

3. Imagine you are a scientist working on the Human Genome Project. What would you say to news reporters about your research?

A: ?

4. Compare allergy and asthma.

A: Allergies and asthma are both immune disorders. Allergies are caused by an immune response to a harmless substance. This is the same for asthma. When a person’s airways narrow and become swollen due to substances in the air such as pollution, the result is an asthma attack?

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