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Posted by Kaylin on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 11:37am.

If any one read the book Pride and Prejudice and can offer help with these questions?

Q:How does Elizabeth Bennett react to Mr. Collins' proposal?

1. Amused
2. disappointed
3. confused
4. embarrassed
5. angry
(i think its 5)
Q:Mr. Collins says he is proposing to Elizabeth because

1. Elizabeth personality will displease lady Catherine
2. he knows Elizabeth will inherit a lot of money
3. as the heir, he feels responsible for the daughters

Q: Mr Collins is probably the kind of person who is concerned about:

1. romantic involvement
2. seeing another's point of view
3. understanding people
4. impressing others
5. living a simple life
(Not sure but 2)

Q: Lady Catherine remarks to Collins indicates that she:

1. is only routinely concerned with Mr. colling choice
2. intends to have a say in Mr. Collins choice
3. is unhappy with Mr Collins decision to marry
4. prefers that Mr Collins select a wealthy wife
5.is really in love with him herself
(maybe 2)

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