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us history

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I am second guessing myself on these Any help is appreciated

which of the following is true with regards to the navigation acts by the eighteenth century?
A} the navigation act of 1696 abolished the american customs service

b the acts replaced the colomial admirality courts

c the colonists became used to buying and using britisg goods

among members of heorge washingtons cabinet _____ had a pessimistic view of human nature and a dread of domocratic excess
a jefferson
b marshall

C} hamilton

in thge southern campaign launched by the british, cornwallis lost a battle with the americans under nathaniel greene at
a cowpens
b charles town
C} savannah

which of the following was john rolfes chief contribution to virginias economy

a his innovations in rice cultivation

B} his innovations in cultivating tobacco

c his invention of a better way to grow short staple cotton

the articles of confederation called for which of the following

a single legislative body

B} a chief executive

c the right of legislature to assess taxes

Sir george of grenville, king georges chancellor of the exchequer, enacted the revenue act of 1764 to raise revenue for maintenance for the british army in america. In the colonies, it was commonly known as the ____act

A} tea
b quatering
c sugar

all piwers not delgated to the us by the constitutio... are reserved to the states respectivily, or to the people. this language, drafted by ___ and incorporated into the ___ amnendment of the bill of rights was intended to address the concerns of the antifederalists

a madison: fourth
b hamilton : fourth
C} madison : tenth

in mesoamerica, the shift to basic crops, including corn, beans, and sqqwuash, is reffered to ad the ___ revolution

A] agriculture
b native american

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