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Homework Help: Plz help :(

Posted by sally on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 12:07pm.

1. Write the ratio in the simplest form.

16:24 (1 point)
2. Solve the following proportion.

x over three equals six over nine (1 point)
3. A recipe calls for 3 cups of flour to make 3 dozen cookies. Use the proportion to calculate how much flour is needed to make 9 dozen cookies.

three cups over three dozen equals x cups over nine dozen (1 point)
6 cups
3.5 cups
9 cups
12 cups
4. Blake sold 52 tickets to the school play, and Jane sold 8 tickets. What is the ratio, in simplest form, of the number of tickets Jane sold to the number of tickets Blake sold? (1 point)

5. In 6 months, 33.6 gallons were used. Find the unit rate. (1 point)
3.6 gallons/month
4.6 gallons/month
5.6 gallons/month
6.6 gallons/month
6. You pay $1.75 for 5 bagels. What is the unit price? (1 point)
$0.09 per bagel
$0.45 per bagel
$0.35 per bagel
$0.44 per bagel

9. The sides of a square are increased by a scale factor of 7. The perimeter of the smaller square is 16 ft. What is the perimeter of the larger square? (1 point)
4 ft
28 ft
56 ft
112 ft
10. A map of a bike race has a scale of 2 inches = 50 miles. The distance to the first aid station from the starting line is about 1.25 inches. How far is it from the starting line to the first aid station in miles? Round to the nearest mile. (1 point)
25 miles
31 miles
62 miles
49 miles

P.s Someone plz help me, I have recently lost someone special in my life, and I'm too sad to do these on my own. I'm an honer math student but...
plz help me,I have my answer written down but i'm too tired to type them in. :(

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