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Luther Burbank was a plant breeder who developed a strain of potato plant that produced more tubers of larger size than other potato plants that were grown on farms at the time. This strain of potato was also resistant to the potato blight that had wiped out the potato crops in Ireland in the mid-1800s. How did Burbank's process in developing this potato compare to the process of natural selection?

a. Burbank's process was slower.
b. Burbank's process did not affect the genetic makeup of the potato.
c. Burbank's process did not place the potato plant under any type of selection.
d. Burbank's process did not involve environmental pressures to shape the outcome.

Is it D?

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    I would assume so.

    Please only post your questions once. Repeating posts will not get a quicker response. In addition, it wastes our time looking over reposts that have already been answered in another post. Thank you.

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