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algebra 1

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Marissa is a photographer. She sells framed photographs for $100 each and greeting cards for $5 each. The materials for each framed photograph cost $30, and the materials for each greeting card cost $2. Marissa can sell up to 8 framed photographs and 40 greeting cards each week, but this week, she only has $200 to spend on materials. Marissa hopes to earn a profit of at lest $400 this week after paying for her materials.
Let x = the number of framed photographs.
Let y = the number of greeting cards.

Two of the inequalities that model this situation are x < =8 and y < = 40
write two more ineqalities that models the situation < =8 and y <=40
I got Material cost equation : 30x + 2y = 200
Profit equation : 100x + 5y = 400

Explain your inequalities and explain why x<=8 and y<=40 are also inequalities for this system ?

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    Last night , I had given you a full explanation, set-up and even the solution for this problem, even though it only asked for the two inequations at the beginning of my solution.

    and you responded with,
    I am confused.

    What part did you not understand?

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