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1 In Psychology, the study of personality focuses on:

a. change.
b. stability.
c. external factors.
d. learning factors.

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    Personality" is a dynamic and organized set of characteristics possessed by a person that uniquely influences his or her cognitions, emotions, motivations, and behaviors in various situations.

    These stable influences are called personality. Personality disorders are a group of mental health conditions in which a person has a long-term pattern of behaviors, emotions, and thoughts that is very different from his or her culture's expectations.

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    4 The big Five in personality theories refers to which of the following?

    a. a set of functional traits such as neuroticism and openness to experiences.
    b. the group of personality theorists who criticized Freud's theory as too sexual.
    c. The effect of positive reinforcement on requiring new behaviors.
    d. the number of stages in Freud's theory of development.

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