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Posted by Britney on Friday, November 22, 2013 at 12:19pm.

Hello, can someone please check my answers? :)
1. How would you describe to others a person with ambition? (1 point)
someone who withdraws from his family
someone who strives for success***
someone who buys anything he wants
someone who moves frequently
2. The lines “Barely old enough to bleed / and already bruised!” give an example of (1 point)
3. Read the following lines from “Fable for When There’s No Way Out”:
“Despair tempts him / to just go limp.”

What is the best interpretation of these lines? (1 point)
The chick is angry at how difficult it is to break free from his shell.***
The chick is so tired he is tempted to rest for just a little while.
The struggle to break free from the shell is exhausting, but the chick must go on.
The struggle to live seems so hopeless that the chick considers giving up.

4. Read the following sentence:
They want thirty dollars for that old book

How would you punctuate this to make it an interrogative sentence? (1 point)
They want thirty dollars for that old book!
They want thirty dollars for that old book?****
They want thirty dollars for that old book.

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