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Math ms sue please help!!!!!!

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Simple probability
You have 20 crayons to choose from : 5 are blue, 3 are green, 8 are red and 4 are orange.
If you randomly choose one crayon, what is the probability you will get armed crayon?
P(red)= I put 8 to 20= I put 80% but my friend said 40% who's correct? Help please!!!!!!!!!!

  • Math ms sue please help!!!!!! -

    A red crayon sorry bout that

  • Math ms sue please help!!!!!! -

    Are you sure I just need help on the percent

  • Math ms sue please help!!!!!! -

    You have 8/20:

    8/20 = 4/10 = 2/5 = 40%

  • Need more info -

    Please give me more details as to how exactly this works and if there are any costs involved. Please don't have anyone call me, just send me an email reply. Thank you. Sarah.

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