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Posted by Adam on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 6:28pm.

3. Radioactive decay of nuclei often involves several decays before a stable nucleus is formed. This is called a decay chain. What stable isotope is formed when radon-222 undergoes a decay chain of four alpha decays followed by four beta decays?

(A) tungsten-206
(B) platinum-206
(C) lead-206
(D) tungsten-214
(E) lead-214

4. Which nucleus balances the following nuclear equation for the fission of uranium-23? 235/92 U + 1/0 n -> 90/38 Sr + A/Z X + 2 1/0 n + y

(A) 146/54 Xe
(B) 146/52 Te
(C) 144/52 Te
(D) 144/54 Xe
(E) 142/50 Sn

Any help would be greatly appreciated; I don't understand this AT ALL. Please and thank you!

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